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I think I hear the sounds of then. And yes, people are talking about the decades of great Australian rock these guys have brought us. They may not be number ones and they definitely haven’t been flogged to death on radio but their contribution defines the genre.

The Noisy Johnnies aren’t just a covers band or a tribute band but they do pay tribute to the music of the genre. They are all about keeping Australian rock live.

As a band and as individuals, their heritage proves it is a long way to the top, from lead singer John Dingeldei (a First Fleeter) to the Irish rhythm section of Jack Ahern and Jim Ahern (who make U2 look me too). On guitar, keys and vocals is Greg Johnson (who also wrote their ‘Paul Kelly’ hit, Big Wednesday). And with his 1963 Gibson ES-335, the guitar of Steve (Butch) Ellis is legendary in the Australian rock scene.

If you have a party, corporate function or any event of national significance, then The Noisy Johnnies (aka The Johnnies, The Aussie Johnnies, The Honest Johnnies, The Naughty Johnnies, The Nosey Johnnies) add fair dinkum flavour, fun and dance with music from decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s) of great Australian rock.

“I laugh and think – this is Australia.”

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6 thoughts on “The best Australian rock album covers

  1. To whoever is reading this
    Do yourself and favour and book the Noisy Johnnies
    We just had them in Ballarat last night and the function room at Jackson and Co was jumping
    you name it they played it and it was a night full of the crowd saying-‘ I love that song”
    room limited on the dance floor but friendships were made and created.
    you’ll never have a dud rage when the johnnies are in town.
    Johnnies. Be good.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Really disappointed that I couldn’t make it to your gig on Sat. night.
    I spent 4 days in and out of hospital emergency due to temporary blindness caused by a detatched retina. We had a full weekend planned and we missed all of it, but keep us posted so will can make it to your next gig.

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